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March 30, 2013
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Blueberry by Magweno Blueberry by Magweno
:star:More pics and available to buy here.:star:

Blueberry is a plucky and adventurous character with a passion for gardening. I met him in the vegetable patch while I was planting a row of peas, actually. I spotted him out of the corner of my eye watching me like a curious robin and after I finished the row he came right up to where I was kneeling. I watched in amazement as he stuck his head in the seed packet, took out a pea, dug a small hole and very carefully placed the pea in it, then looked up at me. Every day I was in the garden after that and Blueberry would be there helping out.

After a while he started coming into the house and became a part of the family. He listens in to our conversations and as a result he's picked up a few choice words. One of his favourite treats is freshly baked raisin biscuits. He likes to pick the raisins out then eat the biscuit, and gets very excited about doing it. There's no mistaking his shrill cry of "BICCIES!!" when the oven timer goes off and he knows they're done!

Recently he's been spending a lot of time pouring over maps. He pads all over them, pointing to particular villages and mountains and looking at me, indicating he wants the name read out. He then repeats it very carefully, then moves on to the next interesting word. We struggle with Welsh place names but he's getting the hang of Scottish gaelic.

I bought him an atlas as a gift not long ago and originally he was surprised to find out there was more to the world than Britain. Now he spends almost his entire day turning pages and reading out countries and their major cities. His love of the globe makes me wonder if he'd like to travel and SEE different places, and after asking what he thought of the idea he got very excited.

If you'd like to offer your home up to my adventurous and very colourful friend then I'm sure he'd be most grateful! He's very well behaved most of the time and says he promises to clean up any crumbs he spills when you give him biscuits. I'll be sad to see him go, but it's what he wants, so please promise you'll be as kind as you can to him and treat him gently.


Blueberry is a handmade and unique art doll. He has a wire armature and polymer clay head and paws. His ears are machine stitched minky and have wire in them so they can be posed. His tail, mane and tufts are purple faux fur. He is predominantly hand sewn, with tufts attached securely with glue. The polymer clay has been painted with acrylics and sealed with a matt varnish. His whiskers are painted fishing wire.

He is very small, measuring 32cm (12") from nose to tail tip, 12cm (5") from toes to top of his head (17cm/6 3/4" including ears) and 5cm (2") from shoulder to shoulder. His paws are very small and should be treated gently when posing them as they are delicate as a result of their size.
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Hey it's a good place to be! Have a bunny :aww:
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What a cutie! :)
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He was really sweet
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Adorable! I love his simple, yet charming design, and bright colors. It's also really cool how his head is sculpted and painted to match the fur on his body almost perfectly.
The story included is also cute! It's very sweet and makes him special.
Magweno Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks very much :) I tried hard with the story, I think I should do it for other ooaks to give them more personality ^_^
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You're very welcome! And your work has certainly paid off. I think it's an excellent idea to continue. :D
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